Champagne Bar & ​Sparkling Wine Lounge

Where you can enjoy all ​things sparkling, from ​sparkling wine to ​Champagne, while enjoying ​a pristine atmosphere of ​luxury and indulgence.

Rose Champagne Cocktails
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30+ choices of ​Champagne & ​Sparkling Wine

From local wineries like ______, ​to as far away as Paris, we've ​strategically hand selected which ​to carry for our customers to ​enjoy


We've got you covered from ​Brunch-ish items to Lunch-ish ​items available

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Juices & Add-ins

We have over 17 different juices, ​to create your very own One in ​a Million Mimosa. Not a juice ​fan? We have Bellini options, ​Teaspressa Cubes, edible glitter ​and so much more

Reservations & ​Eve​nts

We love gatherings! Reservations ​are accepted but very limited. ​Call ahead of time! Wanna have a ​private party? Business or ​personal, wedding celebration or ​divorce party. We're here for all ​of it. Stay connected with us on ​social media for upcoming ​events from paint-nites, to ​charcuterie classes!

Pink and gold champagne party flat lay

Limited to 50 at any given time

Exclusive House Glass

But First, Champagne

$75 /mo

  • 1 glass, 1 lock & key, & designated ​display case.
  • 10% off retail wine sales
  • 1 Merch Shirt
  • 1 Sparkling Wine per Quarter
  • Stickers
  • 10% discount off your total bill
  • 1 Charcuterie board per mo.* ​

Not Enough Champagne

  • 1 glass, 1 lock & key, & designated ​display case.
  • 15% of retail wine sales with Reusable ​Bag
  • 15% off bill
  • 1 bottle of Sparkling Wine per mo.
  • 1 Merch S​hirt
  • Stic​kers
  • 1 Charcuterie board per quart​e​r *


* Items included in subscription Do NOT rollover

Tasting the Stars

$200 /mo

  • 1 glass, 1 lock & key, & designated display ​case.
  • 20% off Retail wine sales w/ branded bag
  • 15% off bill
  • 1 bottle of Sparkling Wine per mo.
  • 1 Reusable Bag
  • 1 Merch Shirt & ​Merch Tan​k
  • Stickers
  • 1 Charcuterie Boar​d per mo.*
  • 25% off any Ev​e​nts held

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